PU: Workshop on Responsible Research

Chandigarh, 16 December 2016, The Department of Education, Panjab University (PU) today organized a workshop on Responsible Research. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Ratna Ghosh from Department of Education, McGill University, Montreal.  As many as 40 participants including teachers and researchers from different departments of university attended the workshop.

In her lecture, Prof. Ghosh urged the researchers to take up research responsibly. Researchers are aware about the intellectual rights but they must also understand the ethics involved in the research. As a researcher the research is taken up to find out something new which can be utilized for the betterment. While dealing with humans as subject there is need to be more careful, as during the process of research, unintentionally, sometimes it can harm them physically, mentally or spiritually. Every researcher must uptake the research considering the ethical issues related with it. She explained how research can effect psychologically giving the example of Stanford Prison Experiment. While dealing with humans precautions needs to be taken. Participants interacted with Prof. Ghosh and asked how the research ethics can be maintained. She explained most important is the consent of the participant. They should be explained of all the potential benefits and harms, if any. The confidentiality of the personal information should be maintained. The respect for person, concern for welfare and justice should be always taken care.