Bittu against the proposed increase of 21% tariff of electricity

Rs. 127 crores against allowed by JERC Rs. 87 crores

Rrelease by FOSWAC

JERC held public hearing today in the auditorium of Art Museum Sector10 Chandigarh against the proposed increase of 21% tariff of electricity as demanded by the Chandigarh Electricity Department.

FOSWAC requested the commission to kindly consider the following points before taking any decision:


As per press reports, CED has collected Rs. 127 crores against allowed by JERC Rs. 87 crores. They should refund Rs. 40 crores to the consumers. This was denied by the CED. The commission suggested to either refund the excess amount if they have collected or clarify by issuing press note. The majority of the representations said that there is no transparency in such charges being levied by them.

  • Illegal Direct connections:

We estimate 30 to 40 thousand illegal direct connections in tenements around Chandigarh. CED detected only 281 from 585 verified and charged to them Rs. 2 .08 crores. This means that there is theft of electricity around 40 crores. When would you catch others and how much time CED will take for action against such unscrupulous consumers?

  • Bad/ doubtful Debt:

Several crores are due from corporations/ institutes. No concrete action has been taken against them by the CED.  Why can’t the CED disconnect their metres and take recovery of arrears. CED has soft corner towards such elements.

  • Transmission and distribution losses:

There is a lot of scope to improve transmission losses. It should be examined by third party. There is a cress- cross movement of electricity purchased. BMMB is supplying to Delhi while NTPC supplies to Chandigarh.

  • Misuse of domestic tariff to commercial:

Several nursing homes, PG, Clinics and around villages, there is a ram pet misuse but go scot free. It was not out of the way to mention that consumers who were misusing it were commercially charged up to 2012. After this, it was stopped without taking sanctions from the appropriate authorities.

  • Procurement of electricity: Avoid cress- cross movement and have long term contracts from cheaper sources. Rates varies from Rs. 1 to 6 per unit depending upon the source of raw material used by the plants. The source of procurement need to be streamlined.
  • Pre-paid meters:  no progress from the last three years. It is yet to be tendered afresh. Where are their smart meters? No progress at all.
  •  Infra structure expenditure; there is delay of more than 10 years like sector 34, 66 KV and Sarangpur yet to be made operational. Such a long gestation period is not acceptable in the professional management practices.

  We the consumers are infect, victims of mismanagement and inefficiency of CED.

Kindly take care of our Chirag. We are consuming less and less electricity but bills are inflated every year.