CBM Appeals JERC to reject Electricity tariff hike proposal

Chandigarh 13 fEB 2018, Chandigarh Beopar Mandal Appeals to Chairman JERC to reject Electricity tariff hike proposal by 20% as tariff plus FPPCA are already very high.
FPPCA fixed charges or any other charges should be same for commercial establishment as being charged from residential consumers to keep viability of trade in City.
Today a delegation of CBM consisting of Charanjiv Singh, Parshotam Mahajan, Kamaljit Singh Panchhi, Pardeep Malhotra today attended JERC meet and objected to Electricity Department petition to increase electricity tariff by 20%.  
Charanjiv Singh, Chairman, CBM said that FPPCA charges amounts to Rs.1.67 to Rs.3.89 are exorbitant and electricity to commercial establishment will cost Rs.10.50 per unit where as in adjoining city of Mohali in Punjab, Govt. is planning to reduce it from Rs.6.50 per unit to Rs.5/-per unit. This will make trade and industry unviable in the Chandigarh. So this system should be abolished and consolidated rates should be fixed after considering average cost of last year. Electricity should be arranged in advance at reasonable rates considered the demand in the coming year.
Kamaljit Singh Panchhi, President Traders Association, Sector-17 and Advisor, CBM said theft by Kundi connection in colonies increase the cost of electricity to General Consumer. He also said institutional and big payment defaulters should be served notice and there connection should be disconnected.  
Parshotam Mahajan, President, Market Welfare Association, Sector-30 and Patron, CBM   said that FPPCA charges for commercial consumer are very high as compared to residential consumers. FPPCA any other charges should be same for both commercial and residential consumer to keep the trade and industry viable in City. He also said that officer should co-ordinate with public and listen to their grievances and stick to their office during public meeting hours.