AAP volunteers took out a procession cadilly Chowk to Light point

CHANDIGARH, 24/02/18,  AAP Chandigarh volunteers took out a procession after noon from Piccadilly Chowk to Sector 22 Light point. Hundred of volunteers are protesting against the first ever Police raid on the official residence of Delhi Chief Minister Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. This is perhaps first time in the history of independent India from 1947 to 2014 that residence of a sitting CM has been raided by the Police Force of his own state. The raid was not for any charge of corruption but was on an allegation by his own Chief Secretary.
Joint Secretary cum Media Incharge of  AAP Chandigarh Sandeep Dahiya along with hundreds of volunteers strongly condemns the police raid on the official residence of Chief Minister Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. He said that publice of delhi is very happy with working Delhi government. Public of Delhi showed their faith in the policies and programmes of Delhi Government under the leadership of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal.  
The Joint Secetary Sandeep Dahiya alleged that BJP has still not been able to digest its humiliating defeat at the hands of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi Elections. The BJP central Government taken this prestigious issue and uses all the weapons under its command to humiliate and insult the duly elected Delhi Government. It is important to mentioned here that Why Chief Secretary not called to PCR or his personal security officer and driver not  given the complaints to Police. It is also important to mentioned here that in camera recording of CM house clearly showing Chief Secretary moved from there atleast half an hour before. It is also the matter to investigate to trace the mobile location of Chief Secretary when he came out from the house of Delhi CM. It is also important to mentioned here that was  Chief Secretary directly reached hospital and afterthat given the statement of incident?  Joint Secretary Sandeep Dahiya said that generally we called to police and complaint on the spot but in this matter everything is going to willing of Chief Secretary. Possibilities of complaint given by Chief Secretary in the pressure of BJP Central Government.
AAP Chandigarh also strongly criticised the Central Government for PNB scam, where Nirav Modi has fled the country by siphoning off more than Rs. 11000 crores. Sandeep Dahiya said that Platform, Runway, Passport and ticket checked by official authorities before the take off of flight. How can easy to Nirav Modi fly with his family if Central Government not supported him? Sandeep Dahiya also stated that Our Prime Minister always told to country about the strong relationship with other countries. Then this is moral  duties of central government to called there for caught the Nirav Modi by hook and crook.
AAP Chandigarh is for clean and honest politics and will always strive to come up to the expectations of the public. Sandeep Dahiya Joint Secretary cum Media Incharge of Aap Chandigarh.