कांग्रेस नेता संदीप भारद्वाज मिले चंडीगढ़ प्रशासक से

चंडीगढ़11  अक्टूबर, 2018, ग्रुप हाउसिंग का एक डेलीगेशन जनरल सेक्रेटरी संदीप भरद्वाज एवम सतीश चंद्र शर्मा चेयरमैन, वाईस चेयरमैन प्रदीप भरद्वाज थे माननीय पंजाब के ग्वेर्नर और चंडीगढ़ के प्रशासक को मिला और ग्रुप हाउसिंग सोसाइटीज निवासियों की फ्लैट/ट्रांसफर पर चंडीगढ़ प्रशासन की प्रस्तावित नीति में unearned  प्रॉफिट क्लॉज़ 8 -सी दसको पहले प्रशासन  द्वारा ही निरस्त किया गया था अतएब इस रूल की कार्यान्वयन सोसाइटी निवासियों पर एक भारी आर्थिक बोझ डालेगा जो कि असंगत, मनमाना और तर्कसंगत कतई नहीं है। डेलीगेशन ने माननीय प्रशासक से फ्लैट /शेयर की ट्रांसफर प्रशासन की 2009 की अधिसूचित स्कीम के अंतर्गत करने की प्रार्थना की। माननीय प्राशसक ने इस मुद्दे का पुनर्परीक्षण करने का आश्वासन दिया और अधिकारीयों को इस के लिए तुरत कार्रवाई करने को निर्देश दिया. 

H.E. V. P. Singh Badnore, 

Governor Punjab cum Administrator

UT Chandigarh,

Raj Bhawan, Punjab, Chandigarh.11thOctober,2018.


Sub: Transfer of flats in group housing societies UT Chandigarh.


Your Excellency, 


We wish to draw your kind attention to the pain and anguish felt by the residents of the group housing cooperative societies in the UT Chandigarh due to highly insensitive attitude of the officers of the UT Administration for your thoughtful consideration.


Chandigarh Administration in order to put the available land in the city to the optimum use had floated a scheme “Chandigarh Allotment of Land to Cooperative House Building Societies Scheme, 1991”. Unfortunately, the scheme was mired in controversies since its inception.


Due to society managements and the Administration remaining at loggerheads, a large number of members who had enrolled and approved by Chandigarh Housing Board, nodal agency for implementing the scheme, had exited paving way for influx of new members on instrument of GPA.


The influx that thus had set in had substituted to the extent of 70 to 80 percent in most of the societies who, however, were denied all democratic rights of ownership transfer and we are pleased to place on record that the council spearheaded an agitation and was able to get justice to all GPAs. Who were allowed their share/flat on their names in terms of the policy notified by the Administration in 2009.


Since 2009 till order of the then Registrar Cooperative Societies of 7th  January 2014 the transfers of flats/shares were smoothly taking place in all categories by way of sale or transfer in the names o f kin, nominees, will holders. The societies were adhering to the dictates of the Administration in this regard.



Regrettably, the order dated 7 January, 2014 of the then RCS placing embargo on all kinds of transfers in societies has been instrumental in causing lots of hardships, agony giving way to anger among the society residents. They have all been yearning for a policy that stands in their good stead.


Since Council submitting you the residents genuine demands for your thoughtful consideration and even despite your directions , we regret to submit the issue of the flats transfer in the societies has been dealt in a manner that is arbitrary, outdated and ultra virus.


The issue of the application of the rule of 8-C of the Chandigarh (Sale of  sites and Building ) rules 1960 which provisioned payment of 1/3rd unearned profit while rights of ownership of any property in the UT are being transferred  stood repealed as intimated to me by Finance Department of UT. 


Your Excellency, it is pertinent to point out that the applicability as desired under the rules was scrutinized by the Law Department at the time of the enunciation of the policy notified on March 2, 2009. The policy notified Transfer Charges which were pocket friendly to residents who belonged to middle class and retired employees of the Administration.


The rates for the transfer of flats as envisaged in the policy enunciated on 2nd March 2009 were fixed at Rs. 50,000/-,  Rs. 25000/- and Rs. 15000/- for category A, B and C respectably. It is submitted that the Administration is formulating a policy that spells a very heavy burden on the hapless residents of the group housing societies.


The proposals being mooted by the Administrationgot announced in a Press meet by our MP Smt KIrron Kher promising huge relief were doctored and the MP, it seems, was not apprised of the truth of the matter that resulted people rising up in arms against her. 


Your Excellency, we are at the desks of the group housing cooperative society welfare council have been tirelessly working to get succor from the Administration for the residents of the societies and shall be pleased to apprise of  various other problems those require humane handling.



Your Excellency, we believe, you would appreciate that the poor middle class and the retiring employees who did not have much finances had opted for owning dwellings in the societies and in all earnestness, in the opinion of the council, they do not deserve applying of bureaucratic strictness and for this purpose we submit to your good self to restrain the officials from mooting provisions those are outdated, arbitrary and ultra virus.


With Kindest regards,


Yours truly

Pardeep BhardwajSandeep Bhardwaj Satish Chandra Sharma.

Vice Chairman Adviser    Chairman  


Sandeep Bhardwaj ,
General Secretary ,
Chandigarh Pradesh Congress Committee ,
Bhardwaj Associates ,